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Doing a cameo

CAMEOS ARE CLOSED! This news post is still here because of possible re-opening of cameos later on.

I repeat...


I DO accept cameos for this comic. HOWEVER, I do have very strict policies on how to go about this. First off, I can't guarantee that I will use your character anytime soon. By anytime soon I mean that it may be MONTHS before I actually get around to using what you sent me. Also, I have a LOT of people to throw in so I'm going to be even more strict on who I do and do not accept.

As such, to even have me CONSIDER your character you need to fill out the following sign-up sheet. I don't NEED every field...only the ones marked with a * are the ones that are required. However, the more I have the more I will be willing to use your character.


*Character Name: (And be creative. The character doesn't have to have the same name as you XD)

Gender: (This is just for posterity...and so I don't make any mistakes)

*Alignment: (this is the team he/she is on. You can choose Sonic Team, The Outsiders, The Gathering Apprentices, or The Cult of Cinos)

Classification: (this is what your character calls themselves. Example: Wizard, fighter, hero, evil genius bent on world domination, etc.)

*Personality: (don't bother being brief here. The more I know about your character the better)

*Short Bio: (this is your character's back story. In short, why they would have joined the team they chose. Don't bother coming up with an extensive back story because I will most likely change it)

Special Abilities: (your character's powers. Spells, special attacks, weapons of choice, etc)

Weakness: (you don't have to have a weakness but it adds to the story if you have a weakness to exploit. Oh, and a phobia is considered a weakness, by the way)

Other mentionable stuff: (just put anything that doesn't fall under that other stuff here. You know, like their likes and dislikes or favorite foods)

*Sprites: (view THIS for details on what I am looking for as far as sprites are concerned. Read it carefully because I will reject ANY character that doesn't fall under the bare minimum of those requirements. There are a few exceptions to this but I already have those pretty much taken care of)


There ya go. Now I don't have to repeat myself. If you ask me from this point on I will only point you in the direction of this news do yourself a favor and read up XD

-Flantics out

- Posted by Flashlight Antics on June 26th, 2008, 3:07 am    -   2 comments

Reader Comments:

Posted by
September 3rd, 2008, 12:24 am

Very informative.

May I cameo

Posted by Tailsgod
September 3rd, 2008, 6:45 am

*Character Name:PJ

Gender: Male

*Alignment: Outsiders

Classification: Mercinary

*Personality: Quiet from time to time but is also known to be talkative if given the chance. He enjoys a challenge and to be outnumbered in a fight. If he believes in something by gone you won't be able to stop him. he is not known for taking orders, but he will when the occasion calls for it. He is also seen talking on to a man named crimson on a comlink

*Short Bio: PJ was raised by his fathers best friend, but never knew his father. he comes from another dimension. When he heard about Cinos, he thought it would be good training for what he refers to as "the day" if he helped the outsiders fight Cinos.

Special Abilities: PJ has no special powers,(though he seems to be able to sense when an enemy is near), His weapon of choice is a automatic, but he does enjoy using his misile launcher, and fighting hand to hand

Weakness: He doesn't get along with many people

Other mentionable stuff: He enjoys looking up at the night sky. He believes that all your problems and worries fade away when you gaze into the vast wonder of space, and look at the stars.


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