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One Year!!!!

The one year anniversary is only 10 days away! So since that's the marker I designated as the key point...its time to announce what I'm doing.

A fan special! That's right, all the stuff for it (with the exception of the finality) will be done by you guys. I'll be posting fan art, fan made comics, and possibly a few other things if I think it's cool.

If you need Atril's sprites (or any other sprites done by me) then PQ me and I'll hand them out. Also, depending on the situation, I MIGHT give out Lilly. She's normally not open for use by anyone outside of my direct group of close friends so feel honored if you get access to using her XD

Send them in A.S.A.P....meaning I am accepting them starting NOW!. Thanks again, peoples!

-Flantics out

- Posted by Flashlight Antics on December 1st, 2008, 10:30 pm    -   0 comments

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