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449 - Tournament begins (fun times)

The tournament is finally underway. I look forward to this fight cause it's going to challenge my ability to do fire-based special effects. Needless to say, it'll be a little fun as well as a learning experience.

In recent days it seems like I've been playing old games for nostalgia lately. I recently picked up playing "Sid Mier's Pirates!" again. That's quite possibly the greatest pirate based game of all time.

So much so that I've started writing a story about my character's exploits inspired by the game. This doesn't help the fact that I've been in a writer's block for roughly a year as far as my fan fictions and original stories are concerned, however. I wrote one page and was stumped.

I really hate writer's block. Thankfully, it's not contagious to the other parts of my brain. I still got a LOT of ideas for CR here. So smooth sailing should be the forecast for this comic for awhile now.

-Flantics out

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