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460 - Lesson over

I got sick of prolonging this fight. Too many twists and turnarounds. It seriously started to feel a lot like a Dragon Ball Z episode. Well, enough of that crap! Next fight starts next week.

I've kind of started to fall into a rut of sorts. I'm unmotivated to update ALL three of my comics in the same day, I'm not really feeling any motivation to work on my book, and to top it off I'm not really sure what game to play.

As a gamer, I've found myself in this position before. I own lots of amazing games and more then most of them have an extremely high replay value. Unfortunately, I tend to have a tendency to completely overdo it when I beat a game. When I say 'overdo it' I mean that if the minimum level for beating the game is 20, I go out of my way to beat it at level 107. This was the EXACT case for Morrowind. You could EASILY beat the game at a comfortable level of 20. I wasn't mentally prepared to face the last boss until I was level 107. Needless to say, he was nothing short of a pushover. It felt like I was ripping toilet paper.

Unfortunately, this has the side effect of completely draining any and all interest I once had in making a new character for this game. I got SO far with one that I start to get bored in the process of making the other. IF you've ever played Morrowind or Oblivion, you would know that getting bored of it is very difficult. Especially when you know just how many quests there are on top of how many Easter eggs you can find. Even with my level 107 character I STILL hadn't done HALF of what you COULD do in that game.

All that being said, I need sleep. I'm so tired that I'm starting to lose sight. Three days of less then three hour sleep nights will do that to yah.

-Flantics out

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