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461 - Chaos begins

Holy Mary mother of Christ! I updated?! Yeah, I was surprised too, actually. My computer didn't crap out on me for once in the past few weeks. So here it is in all its glory. The triumphant return of Chaos Reigns! Fun times.

As for myself, I really can't say that I've been doing much. Preparing to spend a week with just my girl friend. My folks are gonna be out of town for a week and my girl friend's folks are truck drivers so they're usually gone for a couple weeks at a time. Thus this leaves the entire house open for just me and my girl friend. Fun times indeed!

I can't say for certain what we'll do...most of that is private information that's on a need-to-know basis...and you really don't need to know. But I can say one'll be a very welcome relief from the turmoil of life. A vacation at home if you will. Either way, I doubt I'll have the time to update any of my comics during that week, even if my computer DID decided to cooperate. So I'll see you all on the flip-side of next week.

-Flantics out

- Posted by Flashlight Antics on June 29th, 2010, 6:48 pm    -   1 comments

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Majin Tobias
Posted by Majin Tobias
June 29th, 2010, 9:25 pm

Hey that's fine, just enjoy the time you got with her. After all the hell you've gone through, this vacation will be so worth it

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